My Day Out With Grandma Looking For New Dentures

Recently, our queen came back to stay with us, I mean my grandmother. She had been ruling her house along for the past one year and now after crossing 85, she felt it is time to rule us. She definitely looks like a queen. With long, silver hairs, porcelain skin and majestic face and impressive appearance, her presence instantly imparts a glow to the house.

Now the queen was in agony. She was suffering from unbearable pain in multiple teeth and they were visibly damaged due to decay. After some visits to the dentist, her pain causing teeth were down and the empty jawline depressed her.

A denture shopping

As per the advice from the dentist, we decided to get her a denture. We got her impression and it was her wish to go through some options before readily using any denture given from the dental clinic. Her age didn’t stop her from being very choosy and explorative.

I was jaw dropping when she tried to match the color of the denture with her skin tone! I actually didn’t know the existence of such an option. And then she strikes again. She picks up a dental cleaning device with the same seriousness of picking a groom for her daughter.

Before leaving, she asked me what if the denture comes out when she has a hearty laugh. I understood she was hinting about the dental adhesive. We contacted the dentist for a safe and reliable product and bought a tube of the cream. However, she raised the doubt, “will a tube of fixodent denture cream last a long time?”

I made her understand the dosage, the tube quantity and the requirement of using it. I assured her that the product is easily available at any store. Finally, I got some winning points!!!…

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