Be Specific, Go For Bespoke Fabrics

  1. Be Specific, Go For Bespoke Fabrics

When comes to clothing and dressing styles, you might love the look and feel of a fabric but it cannot be used as such. All of us approach a tailor with a material and give him the specifications for giving the material a shape and structure fitting our sizes and shapes. This custom-made shape to the material is what is bespoke; it denotes things that are commissioned or put under change or modifications according to the tastes and preferences of the user. Now how to tell or instruct your tailor about your first bespoke attire or suit?

There are a lot of fabric types and different styles out there in the market yet to be discovered. So all you need to do before going to your tailor is to hunt for the best fabric in the town. There are a lot many that have come new and are still not discovered by many. So first talk to your tailor, take his suggestions and then look out for the one that would make you look like a king. But remember this is not that easy and you need to really do some extensive research about the fabrics in the market to get the best bespoke fabric made to fit you. There are a lot of factors that determine the importance or necessity for a bespoke fabric.

  • First understand the purpose or the need for a bespoke fabric, a wedding? a party? Funeral? Now the answer to this would give you clarity in selecting and designing the best suitable attire matching the occasion.
  • Then comes the selection of fabric itself. There are a lot of varieties available in this and each one is best made to fit a particular type of attire. Selecting the best and the apt one for you makes you look fab in the attire.


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