Before buying a drone for your kids

Drones have evolved over the years. They can provide hours of entertainment. Great training for budding drone pilots is also available. So if your kid loves flying drones you could even enroll him in a formal training course. But before you buy a drone for your kid there are few things to remember:

  1. What does the legislation say?

The local legislation or even your residential community guidelines might have some terms and conditions about flying drones. The rules might apply to the type of drone you use and the zones where you can fly them.

  1. Privacy concerns:

If you get a very basic drone that doesn’t come with any audio or video recording features then there might not be any issues. But if the drone comes with a camera and if your kid flies it in your backyard, it might be a matter that affects the privacy concerns of your neighbors. It would be wise to set certain rules for your kids in flying their drones. The rules can apply to the height they allow their drones to reach, the flying perimeter and the time to fly them among the others.

  1. Consider the safety factors:

Drones might be fun to play with. But remember that these are more than just toys. Before you allow your child to fly his drone, educate him about the safety measures to comply with. It takes a lot of practice to learn to master control over a drone. Following the instructions would be essential to ensure the safety of the drone, the pilot and those around the drone as well.

No matter how much you prepare yourself and your kid for flying a drone it takes a lot of time, patience and practice. When the right discretion is exercised this can be a fun gadget to gift to your kids.…

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