What is the most luxurious watch you can buy in 2017?

Watches will be reflection of personal life style of person. They are not just for utility and will be example of persons taste, character and their branding. Understanding top luxury watches will guide your own tastes and route you to some worthy watches. Luxury watch is an indication of status and time piece, in order to evaluate top watches, you need to find these characteristics: brand, quality, features, style, and price. Features are really very important characteristics of luxury watch, brand and price really determine the true value of luxury watches. Top luxury watches never go out of fashion. These watches are made of stainless steel, gold plated and also jeweled with diamonds and are available in various colours and in different price range. And watches should also be looking artistic and impressive with smooth and good finishing so that they give very luxurious look to the watches. There are various features in newly introduced luxurious and smart watches such as: alarm can be digital or in analog watches, atomic and radio control watches are being accurate even with seconds and no need to make adjustment, date and day analysis, multiple time zone dials, water resistant in greater depths, digital watches will have more features and analogue watches with more features gain weight, and even casual watches are improved with lots of features, shortlisting of luxury watches is difficult but in order to do it simply checkbox the features one by one like brand, price, style, material, display, features, dial size, strap. I wish I had a custom diamond Rolex watch which is so precious and lasts long and the brand definitely matters when it is Rolex with all features and it would be most luxurious watch you can buy.