Why are Fender Guitars so Iconic ?

Fender guitars are widely popular among both musicians and even music lovers. The love for this make and great musicians carrying this make in their hands has created world wide popularity for this brand. This is like an icon in the guitar industry. Fender guitars are sold more than any other make in the world and hence they are the leading manufacturer closely followed by Gibson!

Telecaster was one of the hugely selling guitars from Fender. They are equally famous for Stratocaster too. In fact every make of theirs has its own individuality and popularity that cannot be denied. The entry level Stratocaster is quite famous apart from the American professional own. Each have their own uniqueness and hence used by different musicians for different reasons. The reviews on pages for Fender products in pages like fender rumble 500 head were also an advantage for the brand. The makes and brands have been classified into different price ranges and detailed reviews for each make are listed on sites. Fender topped all the best selling list on many websites too, when researches and polls were conducted among musicians as to how each brand works for them.

The reason for the popularity could easily be listed –

  • It has a full bodied sound which is so unique and quite popular among listeners.
  • With their precision bass, the music is not only heard, but felt at various levels. The bass players started coming to the front with the Fender guitars with their great tone quality.
  • The guitars are a revolution when it comes to the comfort of players. They are open to customization which is a trend.
  • The guitars look different from others. When you touch them you know how different they are from others.
  • The guitars include bridge setups too.
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