How To Choose Studio Speakers

These days, you will find studio speakers in every house. Due to its reasonable price, anyone who is a music lover can afford to own such speakers because these are specialized for producing and recording music. Studio speakers are preferred due to the accurate sound of any frequency that it provides. If you are someone who likes to mix and master tracks then these speakers are highly recommended for you. On days of leisure, this can be a great source for listening music.

But initially it can be quite daunting to choose a speaker. Hence, take these points into consideration:

  • Firstly, decide your budget. It is quite obvious that you will get better and more accurate speakers with increase in the price range. So, you can find both budget friendly as well as high end speakers. If you are looking for the best studio monitor speakers then be prepared to pay a good amount of money.
  • Consider the size of the woofer and tweeter. Usually larger ones will have high capacity of frequency but it can be over priced so think over it. Check out the material that has been used to make the woofer and the tweeter. Prefer the one made with fiber and carbon.
  • You can pick speakers in pairs as well as single. So, check it out before purchasing whether you are fine with a single speaker or you need these in pairs.
  • Everyone wants to own great looking speakers for the studio but these speakers might require a lot of space. Hence it is better to take a size that can be easily accommodated in your studio.
  • There are both active and passive speakers. Some amplification is required for passive speakers.
  • You can also purchase subwoofers although for home studios and smaller uses, two studio monitors are enough. But a subwoofer may impact the sound accuracy to some extent.