Know About Kamado Grill Before Shopping For One

If you are looking to shop for a grill, then you may have heard about Kamado grill. There are many varieties and types of Kamado grill, they come from traditional Japanese cooking techniques.  Know a bit more about this type of grill if you are planning to have excellent BBQ or use it as an oven to make pizza, burger and other delicacies.

  • Kamado grill is an Egg shaped grill, though round shape also is possible, egg shape is better
  • It primarily uses Charcoal as the fuel
  • It can be easily setup for having a two zone cooking, where a plate can be inserted to separate the grill. One side has direct charcoal whereas the other side gets only the heat. Because of the oval shape, it provides for excellent distributed heating.
  • Due to its great heat retention property, a ceramic grill can hold heat up to 750 Fahrenheit or 400 degrees Celsius.

Now that if you have decided to shop for a Kamado Grill then it is better to keep in mind below tips


  1. They are robust and hence buy a color that is pleasing for your kids as well. In all probability, they would inherit it from you.
  2. Buy proper gloves and any other safety equipment you think is needed as they can go up to very high temperatures.
  3. Plan the size of the grill, they can even hold a twenty-pound turkey, but do you wish to buy such a big one, think about future use also.
  4. Ensure you have enough space and safety to host a Kamado grill.
  5. They are various brands and products, read reviews, compare prices online before ordering one.
  6. Plan to buy charcoal, find out if lump charcoal is better for your grill or briquettes.

Plan well and buy a good Kamado Grill. Happy Grilling!!!

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