My Childhood Memories

B1936 1          My Childhood  Memories

Gardening is my passion:

It is been a favorite past time since I have been a kid to spend time in the garden. We had a sprawling one and there was nothing that could quite compare the joy of being able to stay in the garden for as long as I could possibly be. Unless of course when it was raining or I had school work to be completed.

The love for greenery:

I have been gifted with a wonderfully cool temperament that allows me to be good at potting the plants. Patience is definitely a virtue. Sometimes, I also feel that it is probably because of gardening that I took up when I was young that my temperament was so good! Whatever said and done, when kids my age were restlessly hovering about or spending a good part o f their time watching the television, there was I in the garden preening over the bushes and watering the plants and sowing new plants in the patches! My parents must have been so happy when I try to think in the hindsight!!

Since I was young and my father saw that I had it in me to look after plants, he had bought and gifted me one of the light weight garden mowers for my twelfth birthday and was I excited?!

My parents tell my kids often about how I was excited about the gift and went about telling everyone about the lovely gift that I had acquired. Soon everyone in the neighborhood had come to know that I was having a light weight mower added to my exceptionally long list of personalized garden tools. My parents also amuse my children no end saying that when people came home to visit them they always knew what gift to bring for me: and my kids shout in unison gardening tools! Laughs**