Spotting Fake Leather Sandals – Tips & Suggestions

Spotting Fake Leather Sandals – Tips & Suggestions

Top quality sandals are everyone’s desire, for this, you should choose a sandal made of suitable material like leather so that you could enjoy innumerable benefits owing to the innumerable qualities of the natural material. But, all these awesome features of the leather could only be offered by the genuine variety and that is why you should be knowledgeable enough to identify genuine leather as there are many knockoffs appearing in the market these days claiming to be authentic but only interested in looting the money of eager buyers like you.

Finding whether the available leather material on your chosen sandals is real or not is easy when you follow the below-mentioned tips and suggestions.

  • Believe in your nose

The sensory organ, the nose that helps you to smell the things around you could also help you in accurately finding the genuine leather variety, of course, by smelling. Where your real leather, being made from the skin of animals has that distinctive odour, a fake or the faux leather being processed using the chemicals will have the strong odor of vinyl and therefore, better to avoid and act wisely.

  • Believe in your eyes

Well, looks like all your sensory organs would help you in finding whether the leather is genuine or not. Now, use your sensory organ, the eyes to scrutinize the layer of the leather material available, where a genuine leather material would undoubtedly have some fine pores, despite being smooth because such is the characteristic of the skin, whether it is an animal or a human, your fake leather will be perfectly glossy, like, how you photoshop a model’s picture to eradicate her blemishes and acnes, which is significant clue for you to stay away from such a glossy and fake leather material.

  • Believe in your hands

As I told earlier, your touch sense is also here to help you distinguish the genuine leather from the fake ones. A real leather material, despite being smooth has a very fine coarse-like feeling, which may be due to those fine pores and lines that we had discussed above and not anything completely smooth, like, how you feel a plastic’s surface.In whichcase it is a fake.

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